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Empowering businesses to reach out further, enabling dramatic increase in growth with a very small outlay. Your possibilities are endless.

Fully Branded App

Our team work with you to produce a custom branded app unique to your business.

Track Location And Spending

Multiple sites? No problem. Our app puts your nearest location to the customer first.

Fully Integrates With Your EPoS

Transactions are integrated through your EPoS system to keep financials all in one place.


Reward Your Customers

Make Your Customers Feel Special

It's common knowledge that rewarding customers on spend drives more sales. Most of the big chains & brands have been doing this for years, Tesco Clubcard and Nectar Card for example. What if you could do the same, but also add in customer groups, discounted lines, variable points per product and a top up facility. The possibilities become endless. Send your customers a birthday gift or sponsor a university group with a small group discount. How about offering discounts to customers you have lost, or even sending them money to return. The ability to push specific brands and products to aid the advantage of your business. It doesn't stop there - you can also send messages to their phones via push email or text. Guaranteeing they receiving your message; instead of it getting lost on a newsfeed somewhere. Eposbuddy puts you back in the driver's seat, enabling you to drive instant sales – now.

Receipt Genie

Empower Your Till Printer

Receipt Genie enables you to deliver powerful messages or offers to your walk-in trade. These offers can be used to drive trade to your app or website. Receipt Genie will print out messages with QR Coded offers or website URL redirects. These offers can be scanned in to any of your till terminals enabling them to automatically produce discounts or activate any of your till functions.

This feature is so powerful that you can program everything into your QR code so that the till user only needs to collect payment. Putting the upselling and marketing control back into the hands of the business.


Our App Screenshots

See a range of our customer apps below.

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All packages have no up-front costs and the first 3 months FREE!

Customer Rewards App
  • Your own loyalty app
  • Apple & Android
  • Free app design
  • Full rewards system
  • Message customers
  • EPoS integration
  • Analytics
  • Record customers' favourite items
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Buddy Marketer Pro
  • Market using receipts
  • Market using SMS, email, notifications
  • Fully customisable vouchers
  • Full integration with Epos
  • Schedule offers
  • Unlimited quantities
  • Target customer lists
  • Target through Facebook
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Table Service
  • Customers order from app
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Full EPoS Integration
  • Automatic Opening & Closing
  • Spend Rewards Points
  • Instant Refunds
  • Full Order History
  • Multi-site Support
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Safety Buddy
  • Powerful compliance & safety tool
  • Ask customers to fill in form
  • Customers sign with self image
  • Fully customisable questions
  • Full automation of EPoS terminal
  • Unlimited questionnaire quantities
  • Ask customers in app
  • Re-check at any time
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Prices quoted are for a single site.

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